Launch of Café Banka 2.0 – social media marketing.

Café Banka, a traditional pub transformed into a lunchroom and restaurant for wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs. With an Asian-French-inspired cuisine, a passionate team, and a completely new interior, hospitality entrepreneur Mike reopened this establishment. During the reopening phase, from October to December 2021, we successfully launched ‘The New Café Banka’ thanks to social media marketing.

During the second project period, starting from April 2023, we ensured greater regional recognition and a new influx of guests that fit the concept. Instagram Reels increase online reach, job campaigns on Meta attract new team members, and thumb-stopping content contributes to a higher occupancy rate.

Work and results

Social media | Consultancy | Content creation (photography, Instagram Reels)

Project date: October 2021 – December 2021 and April 2023 – present

Result: during the first project period, we achieved a growth of almost 100% in just 3 months on the social media channels and a successful launch of the revamped concept. During the second project period, we aim to increase awareness beyond the immediate neighbourhood in which the restaurant is located and attract more guests to the establishment.

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