Social media marketing for fine dining restaurant Villa Coucou

Villa Coucou is a hidden gem (literally) in a mansion in The Hague. The property has been transformed into a Mediterranean villa, housing a fine dining restaurant, cocktail bar, and various private dining/event spaces. Chef Alexandre Martiano has worked in several starred establishments in France before continuing his adventure with his own business in the Netherlands.

Our aim was to digitally translate the fantastic atmosphere and experience of the restaurant. We have done this through social media marketing, photography in collaboration with our partner Sharman Images, organic posts, and advertisement. Every month, we report the results to the team and brainstorm about further developing the concept. Consider questions such as: “How can we attract more private events?” “Which collaborations (with other brands) can we pursue to surprise the target audience?”.

Lastly, one of the team’s objectives is to make Villa Coucou the #1 restaurant on TripAdvisor in the Hague region. We therefor also focus on encouraging reviews and optimising the TripAdvisor profile. Thus, within 6 months, we’ve risen from position 38 to 2. Now, within a year, we have reached the number 1 spot.

Work and results

Strategy and analysis | Social media management | Social advertisement | Consultancy | Content creation (photography and Instagram Reels) | Graphic content

Project date: June 2021 – present

Results: a growth of over 250% in follower numbers on social media and a doubling in engagement (2021 compared to 2020). Additionally, we climbed from #38 to #1 on TripAdvisor in The Hague and we now attract more guests from across the entire country.

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